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Happily Ever After List of Things Every Couple Should Do After Marriage

While every couple is different, and many successful relationships have gone against the grain, there are a few things that every member of a long running relationship will agree must be present in a marriage.

Laughter It is the best medicine, and it can get you through some of your toughest times together.  So, don’t be afraid to joke with your spouse.  You can’t take life too seriously, because there is always fun to be found and the best couples are those who find it together.

Compromise Remember, ‘Me’ becomes ‘We’ the moment that you say your vows and, from that moment forward, you must consider your spouse’s feelings and opinions.  While you can still do the things that make you an individual, there should be room for compromise.  When you cannot meet each other in the middle, you are far more likely to wind up miles apart.

Quiet Time Of course, you must make time for your families, for your friends, and for your jobs, but there should also be time together.  Date night is important, before and after children.  Those quiet moments are the ones that will keep the bond strong for years to come.

Apologies Aim for perfection, if you must, but you are a human being and you will make mistakes.  Owning up to them is part of being an adult and part of a great marriage.  The words “I’m sorry” can make hurts heal much faster, and help your relationship move from the worst of times to the best of times.

Compliments As we age, our looks will change, but love will overshadow it all.  The best couples are those who make each other feel wonderful, beautiful each and every day.  Compliments aren’t just in regards to physical appearance, but also strides made on the job, and just for being someone worthy of loving.

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