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5 Things You Can Do To Make Life Easier After the Wedding

Planning for the big day can be a lot of fun, and the wedding itself is always wonderful, but in the hours, days and weeks after the big event, you can often find that there are many responsibilities that can put a damper on your good mood.  However, you can make life much easier and cut down your post-ceremony responsibilities by planning ahead.

  1. Pack Your Bags Going on a honeymoon shortly after your wedding? That’s wonderful!  Prepare in advance, so you aren’t stressed out in between.  Have everything ready to go, so you can leave with a calm grace.  You might even help your soon-to-be spouse pack as well!
  2. Ask Guests To Fill Out Envelopes At the reception, include a small table with blank envelopes and a sign asking for guests to fill one out with name and address. Having the pre-labeled envelopes will make Thank You cards much easier.
  3. Arrange for Transportation of the Gifts After the reception, you will likely have a table full of gifts that you will have to remove from the venue that night. Rather than rushing around at the last minute to find someone with vehicle space, having arrangements made ahead of time for the transportation of the gifts, centerpieces and other items that must go to your home.
  4. Drink A Lot Of Water There is nothing worse than waking up with a hangover… wait, yes there is. When the call comes in to gather family and friends for the opening of wedding gifts and you are contending with a massive headache, the whole ordeal can be nothing short of torture.  Save yourself the rough morning by drinking plenty of water during the reception.
  5. Ask Guests to Include a Special Message a Polaroid in Your Scrapbook Rather than a traditional guestbook, design your wedding scrapbook in advance, leaving places for Polaroid photos to be inserted. Ask that each guest take a photo in the designated photo booth, insert it in the scrapbook, and write a comment along with it.
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