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Have You Asked the Cake Baker the Right Questions?

Buying the cake for the wedding is a big decision, but it can be a great experience as well.  Cake tasting is certainly a perk of the wedding planning process.  However, be sure that you are making a decision based on more than taste alone.  There are several variables that should be considered and that means several questions that you should be asking while visiting with the cake maker.

When, exactly, will the cake be baked? It tastes great right now, but would it taste as good three days later?  You don’t want to serve stale cake, so be sure that the baker is clear about exactly when the dessert will be prepared.

Is there anything that can be done to address food allergies? If you know that you have guests attending that have significant food allergies, be sure to discuss the matter with the cake baker as well as the caterer.  These points should be addressed early, in order to prevent costly last minute changes.  Not all cake bakers will be able to accommodate all food allergies, so be sure that you ask.

Would it cost more or less to do two smaller cakes? Bride and groom cakes have become very popular in recent years.  Serving the guests individual cupcakes or alternative desserts and using these small cakes for the cutting ceremony can be a great way to save money, but be sure you ask.

Can you coordinate with the florist to include fresh flowers on the cake? If you really want fresh blooms on your cake to match your flower arrangements, it is going to require some coordination.

Who will transport the cake? You don’t want to added stress of having to pick up and transport the cake on the day of your wedding.  Be sure that there will be arrangements made to get it to your venue and ask about any additional, related cost.

Does it need to be refrigerated until serving? Cakes that require refrigeration are not as easily accommodated by all wedding venues.  If they don’t have the fridge space for your several-tiered cake, you don’t want to find that out on the day of the wedding.

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