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Save Money on Your Floral Arrangements

Flowers are surprisingly expensive, and if you don’t believe that, then just ask your friends and family members who have planned a wedding.  Floral arrangements are often a much bigger expense than brides and grooms plan for.  However, there are ways to cut the costs associated with foliage, and much of that comes down to preparation.

Know What You Like When You Arrive The obvious first step in the planning of the floral arrangements is knowing what kind of flowers you want.  While we do encourage you to have faith in the florist, you’ll likely spend a lot less if you aren’t making impulsive decisions.  You don’t have to be rigid in your choices, but at least know what colors you want to include, how many arrangements you will need, and how much you can afford to spend.

Consider the Season Out-of-season flowers are going to cost much more than those that are happily blooming outdoors on the day of your wedding.  Additionally, those that are available locally will cost even less, because there won’t be as large of a transportation expense. So, if you live in the northern hemisphere and you want tropical blooms, then expect to pay more than you would be the roses and lilies that grow locally.

Be Flexible You might have had your heart set on red orchids, but if the red sweet pea blooms cost twenty dollars less per arrangement, you might want to consider making the swap.  It shouldn’t be all about money, but the budget matters, and so does the durability of the blooms.  Keep an open mind and hear what the florist has to say.  You don’t have to make a decision on the spot.

Consider Faux Flowers Fake flowers can cost significantly less than the real thing these days, and they are very realistic in appearance now. If you have a tight flower budget, they are worth considering. If you really prefer the idea of having the real deal, complete with the scent of your favorite blooms, then consider mixing and matching real and fake.  This could mean working both into your bouquet to add fullness, or it could mean that you carry the real flowers, while the tables are decorated with silk blooms.

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