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So, You Want Him to Help Plan the Wedding…

While some men are eager to be involved in the details of the wedding day, many are not.  They would rather stand back and let their future brides take care of hiring vendors and arranging the decorations.  If you wish that he would take a more proactive stance during the planning phase, then consider your approach to asking. Simply suggesting that he should do more of the decision making isn’t going to get you very far.  Be specific, offering tasks that he would excel at, and he might just be more willing to become involved.

Vendor Negotiations Many men enjoy the art of haggling, and you may not.  If that is the case in your relationship, then ask him to do what he does so well. Once you know who you want to hire, ask him to make the final arrangements, including settling on a price.

Music Man If he likes music, then have him choose the band or the DJ.  Or, ask him to create a playlist that you can provide the musicians.

Creating a Bar Menu Whether you are hiring a bartending staff or you are buying your own booze for the event, there will be some planning involved.  This just might be his strong suit.  Ask him to take on the task of stocking the bar, or of pricing out the available bartending services so you can both make an informed decision.

Seating His Friends and Family The seating chart is a big task to take on alone, so you tackle your side of the family, and ask him to take responsibility for seating his.

Arranging Out-of-Town Accommodations If you will have a lot of out-of-town guests, then it is a good idea to have accommodations arranged in advance.  Again, this is an area where his negotiation skills could come in handy, when settling on a room rate for those staying.

Making Honeymoon Arrangements If he maintains the stand-back approach to wedding planning, then perhaps he would be more willing to handle the honeymoon arrangements.

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