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Five Great Reasons to Stay in Lake Tahoe after Your Wedding

If you are considering a wedding in the Lake Tahoe region, then we commend you. This is a very wise choice.  It is a beautiful area that your friends and loved ones will adore.  The best part is that this is a destination that can transition beautifully from wedding venue to honeymoon get away.

Walking Tours After choosing one of the wonderful Lake Tahoe hotels, you will be ready to explore.  You have just tied the knot and you now have the time to spend together in a way that will bring you even closer.  Lake Tahoe is perfect for that.  We recommend one of the many walking tours that will tell you a bit about our history.  In addition to traditional walking tours, there are also tours on cross country skis in the winter.  Or, for those who want to get up off the ground, there are also companies offering thrilling helicopter rides, complete with tour guides prepared to offer insight on the various views.

The Gondola Many visitors to Lake Tahoe admit that one of their favorite memories was a gondola ride. The cable car will take you out over some of the most stunning landscapes you will ever witness.  You can really appreciate the gorgeous mountains of the area, as well as the gorgeous blues of the lake.  Whether it is just the two of you, or a large group of your family and friends, this is a great activity to enjoy during your stay.

Wine Tasting The wine in this area is growing in popularity.  The vineyards are very good at balancing the traditions of wine making with innovation, which is quickly making them world renowned.  This is your chance to see the industry in motion, and to sip the fruits of their labor.  Ride through the gorgeous countryside and try the many delicious assortments of California wine.

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