September 2015

While reading a fabulous archived blog post by Rhie at A Practical Wedding recently, we found ourselves very inspired…

When we went to the jewelry store together I seized up in the presence of an overly helpful employee. She wanted to show us everything in the case; I just needed a minute to process the fact that I was here, with this person—the person who loved me enough to follow me from Austin, Texas to Jackson, Mississippi—looking at rings. Rings! It was too much. I tried on a few, mumbled something about being partial to solitaires, and we left.

Later, perusing Etsy for cute little gemstone numbers, I started getting excited, enough to show my mum some of the rings I’d picked out. 

Your wedding day will undoubtedly be one of the greatest and most important times in your life. Therefore, it is no surprise that you want to account for every little detail to ensure that the day goes off just as you have always dreamed. When visiting a wedding venue, many brides are very excited, and a lot of work goes into considering the location, size, and layout of the space. Unfortunately, as the planning continues they find that, although beautiful, the design does not match their wedding theme. Colors can clash, and styles can lack cohesion. Though the wedding venue isn't likely to allow you to completely alter the space, there are many non-permanent changes that you can execute to make the room work with your desired look.

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