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Why We Support Silent Wedding Planning

While reading a fabulous archived blog post by Rhie at A Practical Wedding recently, we found ourselves very inspired…

When we went to the jewelry store together I seized up in the presence of an overly helpful employee. She wanted to show us everything in the case; I just needed a minute to process the fact that I was here, with this person—the person who loved me enough to follow me from Austin, Texas to Jackson, Mississippi—looking at rings. Rings! It was too much. I tried on a few, mumbled something about being partial to solitaires, and we left.

Later, perusing Etsy for cute little gemstone numbers, I started getting excited, enough to show my mum some of the rings I’d picked out. 

In an age when we publicly recognize the anguish that many brides succumb to during the planning process – and, we even give that syndrome a name, Bridezilla – it is obvious that too many brides-to-be are not able to fully enjoy the days leading up to the big ceremony.

This blogger made perfect sense to us.  Of course she was overwhelmed when presented with case after case of the classic, the traditional, the culturally acceptable rings.  While some embrace the giant diamond solitaire, which sets the groom back by three months’ salary, or more, others are not so keen on tradition-dictated wedding planning.  It’s not just the classic customs that weigh on us as we plan these big events, but also the input of friends, family members and co-workers.  It is a lot to process.

Ultimately, we must admit that we commend this writer for taking that quiet time for herself, a chance to really look and make decisions based on her own thoughts and philosophies, as opposed to the remarks and comments of others.

We strongly recommend that you follow suit, if you are in the midst of wedding planning.  Take the time to do some silent wedding planning.  Sit by yourself, in a quiet room.  Look at websites, blog posts, online catalogs, and magazines.  Find the things that speak most clearly to you and base your decisions on those, rather than putting so much weight into tradition and the thoughts of others.  Essentially, we are pointing you back to the old adage ‘to thine own self be true.’

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