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3 Ways You Can Dress Your Wedding Venue to Match Your Style

Your wedding day will undoubtedly be one of the greatest and most important times in your life. Therefore, it is no surprise that you want to account for every little detail to ensure that the day goes off just as you have always dreamed.

When visiting a wedding venue, many brides are very excited, and a lot of work goes into considering the location, size, and layout of the space. Unfortunately, as the planning continues they find that, although beautiful, the design does not match their wedding theme. Colors can clash, and styles can lack cohesion. Though the wedding venue isn’t likely to allow you to completely alter the space, there are many non-permanent changes that you can execute to make the room work with your desired look.

Brides can be disappointed by the influence chairs have on the overall look of a wedding venue. Because so much seating is necessary for large parties, inexpensive, easily cleaned seating is generally selected. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always add to the desired feel. There are ways around this. You can rent chairs, enough even for your entire wedding party. Those chairs can be selected to match the theme of your big day. If you don’t have the budget to support this kind of change, you could simply rent a king and queen chair set for yourself and your soon-to-be spouse. The large pieces would draw the eye and take away from the standard seating elsewhere in the room. Or, you could just purchase chair covers to be slipped over the existing seating of the venue.

Walls and Ceiling
If patterned wallpaper or largely ornate ceilings do not match the feel that you are going for, you may need to make slight changes to those areas as well. Draping the whole ceiling with fabric to match your bridesmaids’ gowns may not be in the budget, but renting or creating a large, eye-catching chandelier or hanging floral arrangement may be more affordable. Similarly, though you may not love the particular shade of the wallpaper, and may not have the money to temporarily cover it with drapery, you could bring that color into your table coverings or center pieces to create a more uniformed look that will appeal to the eye.

Unhappy with the flooring? Consider renting or buying area rugs, which can be laid down in a way that creates better visual interest and comfort underfoot.

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