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Five Ways to Amaze Guests with Your Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is such a big part of the planning, yet, by the time it is served, many guests are preoccupied and miss out on having a piece.  But, if you make that cake simply unforgettable, they won’t miss the chance to have a taste.

The Individual Cake This is an idea that we saw online recently, and we love it.  Instead of one giant cake, order several smaller, but equally beautiful cakes, and set one at the center of each table.  Let guests know that they can cut and serve the cake at their tables whenever they have finished their meals.  That way people will stay seated long enough to enjoy the tasty treat.  They enjoy it, and you can still have a cake cutting ceremony later in the evening.

Presented Properly Make sure the cake can be seen.  The best way to do this is to put it on a surface that makes it stand out.  Very often the mostly white cakes are set atop white table clothes in the corner, and everyone forgets about the frosted delight.  Instead, create a wedding cake stand that captures as much attention as the cake itself.

The Ultimate Centerpiece Better yet, place a stand in the center of the dance floor.  Serve your cake before the dancing begins for the evening.  That way, everyone gets a piece and won’t be distracted by what is happening in front of the DJ.

Place it on a Pop An unusual or unexpected treat will capture the attention of guests better than a traditional cake.  While cupcakes have become quite trendy, we really like the idea of cake pops in a wide array of flavors displayed in a way that mimics the look of a whole cake.

Spread out the Confection With individual servings, whether it is cupcakes, cake pops, or donuts, you can create several displays, spread out throughout the space, so that people can help themselves to a serving as they pass.

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