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Bridal Shows: Making the Most of Them, Part II

In a recent blog post, we discussed a few of the tips that could improve your chances of finding success at bridal shows. As a bride-to-be, there are many factors that you must consider in order to put together the perfect wedding day.  Bridal shows are excellent events, as they will often remind you of matters that you might have forgotten or overlooked.  They can also provide discounts on the services that you already have in mind.  To continue this conversation, consider these additional tips for making the most of the bridal event.

Speak Up Many men and women find that they are overwhelmed by the sheer number of people and booths at these events.  You should prepare in advance.  Write down some of the questions that you have to ask the various vendors at the event.  Bring this list of questions with you, and be sure to ask.  This is the perfect time to do so.  If you allow yourself to get overwhelmed, or to get sucked in by a sales pitch, you could miss your opportunity.

Soak it Up Even if your list of questions is a mile long, you will still find that there is something that you have not considered that other brides have.  That’s why we suggest that you stand and listen to the conversations occurring around you.  There is a lot to be learned at these events simply by listening.  If you have a vendor in mind, but the representative is busy with another bride-to-be, sit tight and take in your surroundings.  You may be surprised to find that the other bride is asking many of the questions for you, and you can just sit back and soak it all up.

Set up appointments.  Though there are deals offered for signing up on the day of the event, you will likely find that the vendors are willing to offer the discount after the fact.  These events are hectic and many brides find that it is best to use the bridal show as a chance to schedule private meetings with the vendors of interest.  Don’t be afraid to ask if the vendor is willing to extend the discount offer, if you sign a contract at the time of that private meeting.

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