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Bridal Shows: Making the Most of Them, Part I

Bridal expos and shows can be wonderful occasions, providing connections and inspiration to the bride-to-be.  They can also be a bit overwhelming, if you do not know what to expect.  So, to get you started, we offer these tips, so you can be prepared and make the most of upcoming bridal shows.

What is it? A bridal show is an event organized for the benefit of couples preparing to marry, as well as wedding-related vendors.  Those in attendance can be entered to win prizes, can see some of the most recent trends, watch runway shows, and get wonderful ideas for their big day.

When Should I Register? Definitely register for such an event in advance.  The best time to attend such an even is six months to one year before your wedding, because that will provide you enough time to act on the ideas that you collect while in attendance.  Furthermore, you can often get discounts on certain services just because you attended as a bride-to-be.

Make a Game Plan Often, these shows can be quite large, with a wide variety of vendors.  If you already know who will do your hair and you have already purchased a dress, then you don’t necessarily want to focus your attention on the booths dedicated to these types of vendors.  Get an idea, before you go, about who will be there, and what vendors you are most interested in visiting.  Remember, this is an excellent time to reap the benefits of show discounts.  If you go in with a game plan of who you want to talk to and what services you are most interested in, you will feel a lot less overwhelmed and will make wiser decisions.

Don’t Miss the Show Many people go to these events because they want to watch the runway shows.  Don’t miss your chance to do so.  Be sure that you research the show times, and allow yourself plenty of opportunity to get a seat or a good spot beforehand.

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