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Portrait of an African-American woman in elegant evening gown.

You can be a Sexy Bride without Offending

Modern brides are not ashamed of their figures.  They are proud of who they are and how they look, but there is still the matter of tradition.  One must consider the audience when selecting a dress.  That being said, you can be a sexy bride without offending your guests.

Two Piece Indian brides can be thanked for the emerging trend of wearing two-piece wedding gowns.  You can still preserve tradition by dressing in white and wearing a long veil, but an elegant cropped top could provide a peek at your midriff in a sexy, but inoffensive way.  The look is quite stunning and there is certainly inspiration to be found online.  Several dresses styled in this manner were seen on the runways recently.

Peek-a-Book Lace  You want to show a little skin, but your mom and grandma are up in arms about the idea, so do so in a classy way.  Lace is being used in a very contemporary fashion lately, and the effect is a glimpse at the skin without revealing too much.  Sexy, stunning, and perfectly acceptable by grandma’s standards.

Split and Mini A hi-cut slit in a wedding dress may not be deemed acceptable, but create the long skirt out of light and airy fabric, with a center split, and a mini skirt beneath… the audience will be appreciative in more ways than one.

Corset Top There are a lot of dresses available today that mimic the styling of vintage corsets.  They are very beautiful, intricate, and undoubtedly sexy.  Yet, if you find the right fit, you won’t be falling out of your dress or showing an abundance of skin.

Translucence It’s not really see through, but it’s not entirely opaque, so there is a hint of the beauty beneath without giving an inappropriate show.  When using a fabric like this, stick with a more traditional cut to the dress.  Allow the fabric to be the sexy element.  If you pair it with a too-revealing dress shape, the effect can be a little too risqué.

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