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Three Unexpected Ring Bearers

It is tradition to have a ring bearer and flower girl traverse the aisle before the bride.  However, there is not always a convenient relationship to small children prepared to play the roles of flower girl and ring bearer, and, as such, some brides must be more creative in their approach.  We love these moments of inspiration, and we have seen a few great alternatives to the traditional flower girl and ring bearer.

Grandparents This was an absolutely adorable alternative and the grandparents were amazingly good sports about the whole thing.  In this case, it was the grandfather of the groom and the grandmother of the bride who walked the aisle together.  They were dressed to match the members of the bridal party, and carried the traditional flower basket and pillow for the rings.  Not only is it a great solution to a slight complication in the wedding planning, it is also a great way to involve grandparents in the celebration.

Furry Friends They actually sell dress clothes for your pooch, if you decide to have him carry your rings to the altar for you.  In a particularly memorable case, it was a golden retriever who had rings tied to his collar.  He was meant to be led by the flower girl.  However, the child, who was likely no more than eight years old, found herself being led.  For when the groom stooped and called the dog to him, the dog came… in a hurry.  It was touching, sweet, and left the audience with a great memory of the big day.

Floating Ring Bearer A final solution that we have to offer is to consider the less conventional approach to getting the rings to the end of the aisle.  You could, of course, have the best man hold both rings for you, rather than worrying about the transportation of them, but you could also have them waiting there for you in other ways.  One couple chose to put each ring in its own inflated balloon.  They were tied to weights placed on either side of the officiant so they couldn’t get away.  And, when it came time to exchange rings, the bride and groom used small pins to pop the balloons and retrieve them.

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