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Cut Wedding Costs, Don’t Cut the Romance

There are so many blogs and articles out there that talk about wedding costs and budgeting for your wedding, but so many will mention price cutting methods that see you losing out on the little details that make a big difference.  You can still get the look that you love for your big day without dumping the details.  Consider some of the tricks that the pros use to get better deals on the items that they can’t live without.

Don’t Mention Your Fiancée Status

Obviously, the wedding venue will want to know what kind of party you are throwing, but there is no need to announce to the florist or the cake maker that you are a bride-to-be, and you might be surprised to find that the prices quoted for a regular party are much less than what venders expect brides to pay.

Stay Away From Pinterest

You’ve been planning this event for years, in your head, on paper, and even on the Web.  You have all of the inspiration that you need around you, and even more than that coming in the form of friends’ suggestions.  Pinterest is beautiful for inspiration, but it can also overwhelm brides and lead to the couple trying to do too much of too tight a budget.  Avoid the myriad of wedding ideas online and make your own decisions, so you are sure to get what you want on the day that is all about you.

Price Shop

You compare wedding costs before buying a new computer or a new bedding set, so don’t be afraid to do so for your big day.  There are plenty of local bakers capable of crafting gorgeous cakes, and more DJs than you can easily interview in a single day, so look around and compare the pricing.  While it is true, in some instances, that you get what you pay for, that doesn’t mean that you should overpay.

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