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Five Ideas for a Gorgeous Wedding Aisle

When it comes to wedding planning, the aisle is often overlooked until later in the preparation process.  However, it is an important aspect, as it is the area where the guests will first see you on your big day.  Consider these great ways to make you aisle  beautiful journey.

Crushed Stone, Winding Path If you want to embrace nature with your wedding planning, then you simply can’t beat the look of crushed stone for an aisle.  Just be sure that you aren’t trying to navigate that aisle in stiletto heels.

Flower Filled This is the most obvious approach, but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful, and there are plenty of ways to approach it.  You could hang oversized bouquets in vases from the chairs, set up extra tall arrangements in pots along the side of the aisle, or even use petals to spell out your last name.

Lantern Lined There is no difficulty in finding a wide array of lanterns on the market today.  Mix and match them, hang them from the chairs, from the ceiling, and anywhere else you can to add a touch of elegance, or use them specifically for lining the aisle.  The candle light will, undoubtedly be beautiful.

Stages of Life Photographs hung from the sides of chairs are sure to capture the attention of your guests.  We suggest you hang pictures of the groom on one side, bride on the other.  The photos furthest from the altar are baby photos, and with each consecutive row, the age increases.  So, as the bride and groom walk, they symbolically pass through each stage of their lives, until they are joined in matrimony.

Antique Runners You don’t really have to run out and drop big bucks on the real deal, but the antique look of Persian rugs lining the aisle will certainly add to the vintage appeal.  The best part is that you can choose colors that coordinate well with your scheme.

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