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Winter Wedding Hair, Skin and Makeup Tips

Winter is a great time of year to say “I do.” You can save money, you get your pick of wedding-related services, plus it’s super fun and romantic. Even with all these benefits, though, there are a few areas that can quickly turn your winter wedding upside down, especially in the hair and makeup department. Use these tips to perfect your look for your winter wedding.

  • Between the dry, cold weather outside and the forced heat indoors, your skin can turn into a desert-like landscape if you’re not careful. Be sure to use a moisturizer each day, along with thick creams that will hydrate and replenish your skin and keep dryness at bay.
  • Plan for winter lighting. If the weather cooperates and you plan on taking photos outdoors, keep in mind that winter lighting can cast a bluish tone. This can bring out circles underneath the eyes, along with emphasizing the redness of blemishes. To counteract this, use a light-reflecting foundation and concealer, and stick with cool-tone colors instead of warm.
  • Easy on the bronzer. Contouring is all the rage, but you need to go easy with it this time of year or you’ll risk looking quite unnatural. Opt for a shade that’s just a step darker than your skin tone, and keep the bronzer to areas such as your hairline, cheekbones, and nose instead of an all-over application.
  • Trade the beachy hairstyles for more elegant updos. Winter often means cold wind and rains, which can turn a beautiful beachy hairstyle into a windblown mess. Combat this by having your hair styled into an elegant updo, which will stay put even when faced with cold blasts from outside.
  • Add a bit of sparkle. Sparkly makeup is great for winter, giving you a frosted and in-season look. During the summer, this usually doesn’t work, as this type of makeup has a tendency to emphasize sweat when the sun is beating down. Of course this isn’t an issue in winter, so have fun with it.
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