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7 Reasons to Have a Winter Wedding

Winter isn’t the first choice for many brides in planning the perfect time of year to get married, but it certainly doesn’t deserve its position in dead-last either. In fact, winter is a lovely time of year to tie the knot, and it’s surprising that more couple don’t do it. Here are 7 reasons why a winter wedding is a fabulous idea:

  1. Better availability – There’s far less competition for landing the perfect venue, event coordinator, hair stylist, photographer and so on when you’re scheduling for a winter wedding. This time of year, you’re much more likely to get your top pick of all the people who will help make your big day extra special.
  2. Better services – With less weddings on the calendar, your event coordinator and others involved in your wedding will have more time to devote to you. This means more personalized attention and better overall service.
  3. Better prices – Because winter is the off-season for wedding, you may be able to score great deals on everything from the venue to the caterer. When business is slow, most places offer great deals and packages to entice people to book their services – which can mean huge savings for you!
  4. It’s more unique – How many winter weddings have you attended? Probably not too many, which makes a cold-weather event truly unique and different.
  5. It’s super romantic – With cooler weather and snow on the ground, things have a tendency to heat up inside. Think roaring fires and snuggling with your fiance.
  6. It’s more comfortable – Sweltering summer days lead to two things: grooms and groomsmen overheating in their tuxes, and brides and bridesmaids dealing with melting makeup. With a winter wedding, you don’t have to worry about any of this.
  7. Hello tropical honeymoon – If you’re planning a warm-weather destination for your honeymoon, you’re certainly going to have a greater appreciation for it when the temperatures back home are hovering near freezing.
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