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Wedding Planning 101: Registry Etiquette

The wedding registry is a very handy tool for yourself and your guests, but there are some unwritten rules that apply when creating a wish list that others will shop from.  It is important to treat this matter with respect, so here are a few tips to ensure that you get gifts that you will love and enjoy, but that your guests aren’t left feeling put out.

Set Up the Registry Early Don’t wait to register! This is something that should be done very early in the planning process (as soon as you announce your engagement).  Some people like to shop for gifts early.  Some even like to send them well in advance of the actual wedding, so give them that option.

Register in Multiple Locations Don’t register at a single store.  Instead, choose two or three.  This gives your guests more selection and also does away with the risk that a guest won’t have access to the single store.

Establish a Wide Price Range Remember that there will be guests at your wedding able to afford $100 or even $500 items for you and your significant other, but not everyone will be able to do so.  It is a good idea to offer a wide price range, so guests can get you something that you like, even if they can only afford to spend $20.

Don’t Include Registry Information on the Invitation It is an unwritten rule, and many will consider it tacky or in bad taste to include such information on your wedding stationary.  Instead, spread the word to your family members and bridal party, so when others ask, they can be directed to the stores with registries.  If you have a wedding website, feel free to include a link to the registries there.

Do Write Thank You Notes, in a Timely Fashion While emails and text messages are acceptable platforms for general thank-yous, they are not the way to go when thanking someone for a wedding gift.  Write them out and mail them as quickly after the wedding as possible.  People will appreciate the effort.

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