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Put the Stress Behind You: Make the Seating Chart Today

Without fail, the part of the wedding planning that finds the bride at the highest stress level is the seating chart.  Trying to determine where people will best fit during the reception is certainly a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be an anxiety-ridden endeavor.  Make it easier on yourself with the following tips.

Kiss and KISS While planning the seating charts with your spouse-to-be, take the time to kiss each other, but also stick to the “kiss” rule (Keep it Simple, Silly).  There is no need to overcomplicate things.  There are only two things that you must avoid doing:

  1. Don’t Alienate: That is to say if you have a large group of college friends coming, for instance, be sure to break up the group if you can’t fit them all at a single table. It is a big mistake to leave a single couple out.  They will feel alienated.
  2. Don’t Seat Enemies Together: There can be an exception to this rule, if your parents didn’t enjoy a happy divorce, for instance. But, as a general rule, it is best to avoid confrontation at your wedding.

Assign Tables, Not Seats To assign seats is only adding another level of complication to your task.  Just send people to the table where you wish them to seat themselves, and allow them to work out the actual seating arrangement once there.

Know the SpaceThis is the single biggest piece of advice that we can offer.  Speak in very clear terms with the venue representative about the table arrangements that have worked in the past (and which ones have left guests cramped and uncomfortable). Trust the experts and use the recommended table arrangement to create your seating chart.  This will prevent big mishaps on the day of the wedding, or (eek!) the need to redo the seating chart later.


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