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Proposal Accepted. What Comes Next?

The excitement of having a diamond (sapphire, ruby, or other gemstone) held up to you with promises of lifelong love can be all-consuming.  Eventually, though, you have to move past that moment of thrill and begin to think about what comes next.  Assuming you are going to marry before friends and family members (rather than eloping), it is time to start planning.  The experts suggest that you should start planning almost immediately, particularly if your intended wedding date is less than 18 months from the day of your proposal.

Where to Start The planning process can be a lot of fun, but it can also be very overwhelming.  However, if you have a sort of road map in place, it can help you avoid those feelings of panic that can grip brides-to-be in the year leading up to their wedding days.  So, where do you start?  The first step on the marriage planning map is, of course, the proposal, which you have now accepted.  The next step may be a formal engagement party or announcement.  When that is complete, you can move on to the wedding planning, which must begin with a general idea of how many people you intend to invite.

Why start with the number of guests?  It is important to understand that venues have limits to the number of guests they can host.  Therefore, if you intend to have a very large wedding, you will need a large (or, perhaps, outdoor) venue.  You can’t choose the place until you know what sort of accommodations you will require.  Much of the rest of the planning will also depend upon this number – tables, chairs, favors, meals, beverages, etc.

Don’t Stop at the Venue You love the location.  It’s a perfect backdrop for your big day, you can afford it, and they have an opening on the day that you want to have your wedding.  Perfect, right?  It probably is, but you should make some calls to local hotels to ensure they have vacancies as well.  Big events in your area can lead to logistics nightmares that you don’t want to be dealing with late in the planning process.

Opt for the Binder You might still hold a distaste for three-ringed binders stemming from your school days, but when it comes to wedding planning, they can be the best source of organization—a place to keep contracts, notes, calendars, and more.  Organization is going to be key to throwing a successful wedding!

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