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More Money Saving Tricks for Your Wedding

If you are planning to get married this year, or next, you are likely getting a little worried about the budget.  Many brides- and grooms-to-be are surprised to find that the average cost of a wedding has easily topped $20,000 now.  It can be very expensive to throw such an event, but there are ways to reduce the costs associated with your big day.  We have written on this topic before, but we have a few new ideas for you to consider as you plan your budget.

Get married in March or October We’ve mentioned before that you can save money by being married on a Friday instead of a Saturday.  Just as there is a preferred day of the week, there are preferred times of the year as well.  The off season for wedding venues was once considered any time between October and April, but that has changed a bit as more brides are choosing winter weddings.  If you want to hit the true off-season, plan your wedding for March or October.

Get married in the morning You’ve now considered the day of the week and the time of the year, but what about the hour of the day. This might seem an inconsequential detail, but a morning wedding ceremony can actually save you a good deal of money.  Why?  Food and drink.  Serving a brunch, because of the typical food choices, is much cheaper than serving dinner for 150 or 200 people.  Furthermore, people will still drink in the early afternoon, but generally not as much as they would at nine or ten at night.  You can also limit your drink choices to make them appropriate to the time of the day (i.e. mimosas, Bloody Marys, screwdrivers, etc).

Start your honeymoon midweek In addition to the timing of your wedding, the timing of your honeymoon can make a big difference when it comes to budgeting. Plan tickets and hotel rooms tend to cost lest in the middle of the week than they do on the weekends.  So, leave- and return midweek.

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