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Are You Ready to Get Married?

In the past post, we wrote a bit about the pros and cons of being married young, but really the question should not be “how many birthdays have you celebrated?”  Rather, the question should be, “are we prepared for this?”

The truth of the matter is that people reach maturity at different times.  Everyone is different.  Everyone has to contend with different obstacles.  Some people are truly ready for the commitment of marriage at 21 years old, while others may never be truly ready to make the necessary sacrifices.

So, how do you know if you and your special someone are ready to take the leap?

Don’t wait for a clear cut sign that it is time.  Chances are that sign will never come.  Instead, consider the little things.  When you talk about marriage, and about the future, do you say “I” or “we”?  Have you started referring to your possessions as “ours”?  When you are talking about some meaningful moment the future do you say “if we do his”, or “when we do this”?  When you have both started looking at this as a lifetime commitment, then it is safe to say that it is a good time to start ring shopping.

There are other little things that begin to happen when a couple settles into the idea of spending life together.  For instance, his annoying little habits don’t seem that annoying anymore. You find that you do little things throughout the day to make life easier for him, without even planning to.  The matters that have led to heated battles in the past are mere hiccups now.  You can discuss finances with awkwardness and an invitation from the family comes with the assumption that he will attend too.  Most notably, you find that, while there are little habits that you could do without, you don’t want to change who he is.  In short, the wedding planning should be exciting, you should look forward to the celebration with friends and family, but you should also be looking forward to the days, months and years after you say “I do”.

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