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Avoid Common Wedding Planning Mistakes, Part I

Planning a wedding is time consuming, and it requires a certain level of organization.  Making mistakes can cost time, money, and a great deal of frustration.  So, be aware of the mistakes made by others, so you can avoid them as you plan.

Take Time For You Stress is bad for you.  Truly, it can cause you to gain weight.  It can cause acne break outs.  It can leave you struggling to control your emotions, and it can ruin the fun of planning your big day.  So, take time to unwind and have fun.  This should begin with the enjoyment of the engagement.  Take your time in planning your big day, so you don’t feel rushed and stressed.

Share the Big News In Person We have seen a lot of brides make the mistake of posting their engagement news to social media before sharing it with family and close friends.  This often leads to hurt feelings.  Enjoy being engaged.  Enjoy seeing the reactions of loved ones, in person.  Then, after you have had time to do so, take that perfect picture and post away.

Have the Budget Talk EarlyThere are few mistakes worse than waiting to set the budget until after the initial purchases have been made.  So, you got the dress that you have been dreaming of for the fantastic price of $3,500, and then you sit down to discuss the budget and find that you only have $8,000 to spend.  It’s going to be tough to get everything else done for just $4,500.

Insure Your Rings It’s horrible to think about, but we have seen the results of bride and groom losing their rings before the big day.  She thought the best man had them.  He thought that her mom had them, and no one was sure where they were.  It is possible to get insurance policies that will cover damage, loss, and theft.

Create the Guest List Early There are many parts of the planning that don’t have to be done right away, but the guest list is not one of them.  This will dictate how large of a venue you need.  It will determine the cost of catering.  You need to know how many people you plan to invite before you can rent tables and chairs, before you can decide on favors, and before you order the cake.  Plus, knowing the guest list early will help you avoid the mistake of sending a Save the Date card to someone who won’t ultimately be invited.

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