December 2015

Identity theft usually refers to the criminal act of stealing another person’s identifying information for financial gain. However, in wedding-speak, identity theft means something entirely different. Here, identity theft is what happens when a bride or groom becomes completely consumed by wedding planning, losing all trace of their former selves. They get so sucked into planning every minute detail that they forget who they were before they got engaged! This can be maddening for the people around them, and it’s not good for the person doing the planning either. Don’t become a victim of wedding identity theft. Here’s how you can protect yourself:

By and large, Saturday is the most popular day to host a your big event, whether you’re having a Lake Tahoe wedding or a ceremony somewhere else. However, this obviously isn’t the only day of the week available. While Friday and Sunday are the next best options for most people, that still leaves Monday through Thursday as possible contenders. Whatever your reasons for considering this non-traditional days, consider these factors before setting your weekday wedding date.

Very often, a man will pop the question, receive the desired response, and then happily take a backseat as wedding planning progresses.  While you might be more than pleased to make most of the decisions for the big day, you will, undoubtedly, find that you would like your man to be involved in some of the planning.  If you are having trouble getting him to attend fittings, tastings, and bridal shows, then you might have to revamp your thinking, focusing on the parts of the wedding that are most likely to appeal to him.

Deciding on gifts for the bridal party can be tricky.  Generally, the personalities that make up the group are not a perfect match for each other, and that means that you are stuck trying to find something that will appeal to a widely spread set of interests.  This can be particularly challenging when it comes to the guys in the wedding.  However, our best piece of advice is that you choose something that will continue to be useful long after the wedding reception has come to an end.  The first step in choosing the ideal ‘thank you’ gift is to figure out what the group of men have in common.

If you are a modern bride, then you might find that your idea of the perfect wedding does not perfectly match the ideas of your mother or grandmother.  The current generation of young brides is more daring and more likely to celebrate the style of the individual than generations past may have been.  You can still embrace the traditions of the past, while letting a little bit of the contemporary sexiness into your ceremony.

The American culture is wonderful for recognizing the beauty in the traditions of various cultures.  We have long worked these diverse rituals into our own wedding practices, which leads to even more meaningful events for brides and grooms in the United States. One of those customs that we have seen on a smaller scale is the use of henna tattooing.  If you haven’t hear of this tradition, or have not considered it for your own wedding day, you might want to read a little further.

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