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Boating & Fishing in South Lake Tahoe

 Boating in South Lake Tahoe:-

South Lake tahoe offers some of the best boating experiences in the world. The crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe offer some of the most amazing scenery that can be seen from a watercraft anywhere in the world

The majestic mountains rise from Lake Tahoe covered in stunning tall pines and firs. Boating on Lake Tahoe can be enjoyed all year round. Lake Tahoe is so large many great sites can be seen from your watercraft. From Emerald Bay to Sand Harbor and Thunderbird Lodge. From Ski beach and Camp Richardson. to Cave Rock and beautiful Sunnyside. So many scenic beauties on Lake Tahoe that everyone can have boating fun for days on end!

Imagine yourself gliding across these pristine mountain waters in the same trip where you enjoy your amazing outdoor wedding through the no – stress services of High Mountain Weddings.

1. Motor Boats. A huge variety of motor boats can be found/ rented or launched on Lake Tahoe. From Fountain Racing boats to small fishing boats, the waters of Lake Tahoe can be enjoyed by all.

2. Personal Watercraft. Lake Tahoe is an amazing place for jet skis and all small personal watercraft. Hours of enjoyment are waiting your jet skiing enjoyment. As a couple this is great fun that can also be enjoyed by friends and family.

3. Scenic boat rides are available with many great options on Lake Tahoe. The MS Dixie river boat is a great Emerald Bay tour with Dinner and Dancing. The party boat and many great charter yachts are available daily for your enjoyment .

4. Sail Boats From the Wood Wind exotic Catamaran cruise to small personal sail boats Lake Tahoe has the perfect waters for sailing. Amazing scenery coupled with daily breezes make Tahoe a world class sailing destination.

5. Paddle Power watercraft. With the explosion of Stand Up Paddle boards providing excellent paddling opportunities on Lake Tahoe. Tahoes clear water makes your paddle board seem to glide on air! Kayaks are also a wonderful way to get out on Lake Tahoe. Single man Kayaks or 2 person models are a fantastic way to see Tahoe in a quite and eco friendly way. Anything you can take on Lake Tahoe is fun from an inner tube to giant floaties!

6. Waterskiing on Lake Tahoe is fantastic fun for the whole family. This athletic activity is made better by the amazing view and the crystal clear water of Lake Tahoe. Ski beach on the west shore of Lake Tahoe has the calmest waters for your waterskiing enjoyment and beautiful long white sand beach.

There are many great tour groups and boat rental centers so you and your guests and family can enjoy the world class boating on the pristine waters of Lake Tahoe. Imagine all the boating fun enjoyed while using the classy services of High Mountain Weddings for your romantic nuptials.

Fishing in Lake Tahoe:- 

Imagine having your Wedding in a wold class fishing destination like Lake Tahoe. Fishing on Lake Tahoe can yield rainbow trout. Fishing deeper can bring in large Mackinaw (lake trout) up to 30 pounds.

Many great fishing charters work the waters of lake tahoe year round. Rivers and streams- Lake Tahoe offers amazing beauty and fishing opportunities in the local rivers and streams. Nearby Alpine county has the carson river and countless lakes with wonderful fishing opportunities.

Planning your wedding with some excellent fishing included will send you and your new husband home happy and relaxed.

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