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4 Trendy Wedding Cakes (and Non-Cakes) for 2017

Are you a bride- or groom-to-be?  Having trouble deciding what to do about the formal dessert at your wedding?  It can be hard to choose, especially because the field of available options has expanded so much in recent years.  Once upon a time, a wedding called for a multi—tiered cake with a classic buttercream frosting.  That has since changed.  Today, brides and grooms are rethinking the wedding cake, choosing less typical designs and flavors, or foregoing the cake altogether, in favor of other confections.  There will be a few notable trends on the wedding cake front this year, though.  We’ve already seen the following taking shape.

The Naked Cake Even though there were rumors last year that this trend would die, we have seen no evidence of that.  The naked cake, which allows the actual cake to show through instead of being fully covered with frosting, is a beautiful option for those who don’t want a super-sweet dessert.  They are also a great way to work more fresh blooms into your wedding day.

Pies If you want to be a true modern bride, then you may want to consider skipping the cake and opting for something different.  Pies are a wonderful option.  Not only can you provide a much larger selection of flavors for your guests, you can also save a bit of money by choosing this option.  The price per serving tends to be much less than with the elaborate wedding cakes.  Choose the right baker and your pies will look just as beautiful as any cake.

Cheesecake Much like the pie avenue, the cheesecake is enjoying a surge of popularity thanks to millennial brides.  Beware that the price per slice can be much higher with cheesecake than with pie, but also realize that this is a touch of decadence that your guests will appreciate.  We suspect that we will see cheesecakes served at an increasing number of weddings this year.

The Monogrammed Wedding Cake For the more traditional-at-heart brides, there will still be plenty of classic wedding cakes to choose from.  If you want to introduce a modern twist on the traditional cake, ask that it be monogrammed.  This is a growing trend and just seems a logical choice for events that involves people exchanging names.

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