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Will Your Wedding Embrace the Current Trends?

If you are planning a wedding for this summer, chances are that you have already made many of the big decisions.  Will your wedding involve many of the trends of this wedding season?  If you have been using Pinterest as part of your planning process, you may find that you are, in fact, working in a lot of popular elements without even really realizing it.

For years now, Pinterest has been the go-to site for brides-to-be.  The concept of sharing ideas with engaged couples and wedding planners from all over the world is very exciting, and you really can find some great ideas in the pins on this social media platform.  Due to its popularity, though, Pinterest has become a wedding trend setter.  The social media platform can almost predict wedding trends before the biggest sources of wedding news on the planet.  And, because Pinterest attempts to show you things that it believes you would be interested in, you can be certain that you are seeing many of the most popular wedding-related pins on the platform.  You are seeing them and so are hundreds of thousands of other brides-to-be.

So, let’s take a look at some of the biggest wedding trends that Pinterest is predicting for 2017:

Full-on Femininity Above all else, there appears to be one trend that many 2017 brides have embraced with wide-open arms.  That is the feminine look. Soft pink hues are going to rule the aisles this summer.  Not just pink, though, but also floral prints.  The mix-and-match bridesmaid trend is still in full force, but now it is being extended, so that the maids are decked out in various floral prints, with pink being the primary color in all.

Unconventional Cakes This certainly isn’t new in 2017, but it is a trend that will be sticking around this year.  From the ‘anything-but-cake’ dessert tables to the naked cakes, brides-to-be are really liking that ‘out-of-the-box’ approach to tasty treats.  Of particular note this year is the drip cake, which sees just a tiny bit of colored icing drizzled over a mostly-white cake. Expect these modern cakes to be garnished with small buds, fruits, and other real adornments.  No confectionary flowers for today’s brides.

Holding Off on the Heat If you opted not to be married under the brutal sun of June, July, and August, then you will be right on trend this year.  Autumn weddings, according to Pinterest, are going to be all the rage this year.  Undoubtedly, you found many pins with ideas for weddings held in the slightly cooler months of the year.

Worried that your wedding won’t be memorable because you have incorporated so many trends?  Don’t worry at all!  You are a trend setter!  After all, it is because of the tastes of brides-to-be like you — who were planning their weddings over the past several months — that Pinterest can be used as a predictor of wedding trends.

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