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Including Loved Ones Who Can’t Be at Your Wedding

We recently read a very touching story about a bride and groom who made special arrangements after their ceremony.  It isn’t all together unusual to ask guests to spend a bit of time drinking and mingling, while the bridal party partakes in a photography session.  However, this couple had to ensure that their guests were particularly well entertained, because the bride wanted to do something slightly unusual – she wanted to visit the hospital in her wedding attire.

The young woman wanted her grandmother to be part of the special day, but the elderly woman was not in good enough health to get out of her hospital bed in order to be there.  So, the bride decided to go to her.  It meant making some slight changes to the schedule of the day, but the pictures of the bride hugging her grandmother clearly show how beautiful the idea was.

When there are special members of the family who can’t be with you on your wedding day, either because they are not physically able or because they have passed, you may decide to incorporate them in other ways.  A trip to the hospital to see that loved on is not always practical, but it is certainly possible to ensure that they are remembered during the festivities.  Here are some examples:

Mention Lost Ones in the Service or Programs If you want to ensure that lost loved ones are remembered on this special day, then you may want to ask the officiant to mention them during the service, or you could include a dedication to them in the program.

Dedicate a Chair He or she may not be able to be there, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have room for that person.  Some brides and grooms will dedicate chairs to lost loved ones or those unable to attend as a symbol of the fact that they are still in their hearts.

Send a Video Message When it comes to including someone who is miles away, technology is our friend.  Facetime, Skype, Facebook Live, and other such services have made it possible for people to watch things unfold in the moment.  Set this up at your ceremony if you really want those loved ones to witness your vows.

There are many ways that you can celebrate the special relationships in your life on your wedding day.  Be creative and let those special loved ones know that they are always with you.

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