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Beating the Wedding-Hating Stigma

There has been a lot of negative news surrounding weddings lately, which can really put a damper on things when you are in the process of planning your own big day.  Of course, much of the negative sentiment is actually from the brides themselves and is in regards to the expense of paying for the single-day event.  That, of course, is something that you can resolve by cutting costs where possible.  On the other hand, some of the backlash is related to wedding quests and their dislike of wedding celebrations.  Recall, many of those who voice these complaints have enjoyed their own wedding day and will be there to support you on yours.  Nevertheless, if you are aware of the common gripes beforehand, you may be able to surprise the nay-sayers by throwing an event that is just as much fun for them as it is for you.

Complaint #1 and How to Conquer It:

Money is a big concern for many families, and with limited time off from work, many fear that going to the wedding will be the same as sacrificing their vacation for the year.  Change their mind by throwing your wedding at a venue that is holiday-worthy and encourage them to book their vacation in the area.  Lake Tahoe is gorgeous and offers a tremendous number of activities for all stages of life.  Your wedding may just be the catalyst for the best vacation they ever take.

Complaint #2 and How to Conquer it:

Many suggest that weddings are overly long and boring.  Of course, this shouldn’t mean that you sacrifice by cutting your ceremony short, but if you know, in advance, that there are certain guests who are not big fans of weddings, you can make things more enjoyable.  How?  Get those individuals involved.  Time flies when you are busy.  So, give those guests a job to do and your ceremony will seem short and sweet to them.  What sort of job?  Ask them to take pictures, film the vows, help guests find their seats, or something of that nature.  It is also helpful to make your ceremony appealing to the eyes.  Consider getting married at night with fireworks in the background, or using a bubble machine to make your entrance and exit even more whimsical.  When the eyes have something to look at, even the most stubborn guest is less apt to plead boredom.

Complaint #3 and How to Conquer it:

Aside from the money, the biggest complaint that is voiced in regards to weddings is the attire.  Many people don’t like getting dressed up, or really don’t want to have to go out and buy something new just to attend the ceremony.  If you want a formal wedding, then just ignore the complaints and move forward.  If you’d rather guests be comfortable in their clothing, then consider a very informal attire for guests.  You can your bridal party can still dress to impress for the ceremony, but you may find that you are more comfortable dancing and celebrating at the reception, if you change into shorts or shorter skirt and a strappy tank ahead of time.

Above all else, remember that this is your day.  You can’t make everyone happy, but you can make yourself and your spouse-to-be happy.  That should be the goal!


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