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Create a Bridesmaid Gift Basket for your Summer Wedding

It is common practice for the bride to give her bridesmaids a gift on the day of the wedding.  There are many items that are commonly given, which can be very useful and appreciated gifts – necklaces, bracelets, clutch bags, etc.  However, if you want to give those girls who mean so much something that will really be appreciated in the moment, create a gift basket that she can use during the wedding reception.  Below are seven items that you might want to include to ensure her day is extra special and purely enjoyable.

Sunscreen If you are having an outdoor ceremony, sunscreen is definitely something that your bridesmaids will appreciate.  After all, there are many souvenirs that she may want to keep to remember your big day, but a sunburn isn’t likely one of them.

Bug Spray Again, an outdoor wedding does involve all of the elements, and not all of them are necessarily desirable.  Ensure that your wedding party isn’t swatting at mosquitos and other bugs while you speak your vows.  Today, there are many all-natural, pleasant smelling bug sprays that can be enjoyed in more than one way.

Essential Oils In addition to being able to mix these for the purpose of creating the all-natural bug spray mentioned above, essential oils can be enjoyed for their scent and their restorative nature.  While not everyone is convinced of their abilities, there is some proof that the right oils can prevent headaches and hangovers.

Nail Polish If you are all planning to have your nails done to match, then you will know the color to buy, in case she needs to touch up her nails during the celebration.  Also, clear nail polish is great if anyone intends to wear tights.

Granola Bar or Other Snack Though a dinner may be included in the festivities, if the celebration last for several hours, there is a good chance that your bridesmaids might get hungry again.  Give them the boost that they will need to keep dancing.

Sandals or Flats For quite a long time, it was very common for brides to give bridesmaids flip-flops to be worn when high heels made it difficult to dance.  Today, some don’t care for the idea of flip-flops.  Whether you do or you don’t, a nice pair of comfortable shoes will undoubtedly be appreciated in the later hours of the reception.

Thermos or Water Bottle Drinking is typically the norm at a wedding celebration.  However, drinking plenty of water can reduce the chances that she suffers for the fun that she has.  Even when not serving alcohol, summertime weddings can be hot and dehydrating.  Give her the tools to ensure she stays hydrated.

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