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Pippa Middleton Refuses ‘+1s’ at Her Wedding

Recent entertainment reports indicate that Pippa Middleton, sister to the Duchess of Cambridge, has made an unusual decision regarding her wedding plans.  Undoubtedly, Prince Harry, Kate’s brother-in-law will be invited to the event.  He and Pippa have established a friendship since their siblings tied the knot.  However, Pippa has suggested that she will not welcome the Prince’s current girlfriend, Meghan Markle.

This has led to a lot of conversation and controversy on the topic.  It is, of course, possible for a bride to invite or uninvite anyone she would like from her big day.  However, by many people’s standards, to intentionally refuse the expect ‘+1’ of a guest is done in poor taste.  In an attempt to avoid the controversial decision, Pippa has not singled Markle out, but rather insisted that guests may not bring a date unless they are engaged or married – ‘no ring, no bring’, as many sources are calling it.

Not only will this rule leave out Meghan Markle, it will also leave out the girlfriend (and professional model) of her future brother-in-law, Spencer Matthews.  Many are, of course, suggesting that this decision is made in an effort to avoid being upstaged by the girls’ beauty and celebrity.

Is it wrong to do this?  Would you feel comfortable enacting a ‘no ring, no bling’ rule at your own wedding, in order to prevent certain individuals being invited?  This point could be argued in either direction.

Those in favor might argue:

  • It is the bride’s day, so she should invite whomever she likes and in whatever way she desires.
  • The bride or her family will likely pay for the affair and shouldn’t be forced to pay for the ‘+1s’ who are not engaged or wed to the invited guests.

Those against the decision would likely suggest:

  • This is a good way to alienate friends and family members who have been dating significant others for many months or years, but who are not prepared to propose marriage just yet.
  • A wedding is typically something attended by couples, and to deny a guest a ‘+1’ would likely cause him or her to be uncomfortable when surrounded by happy couples. It could even result in these individuals declining the invitation out of discomfort.

Which arguments make most sense to you?  Would you consider following Pippa’s lead?

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