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Cast Iron Muffin Pan

Wedding Favors: 3 Ways Your Muffin Tin Can Help You

So, you thought your cupcake tin was for mini cakes and muffins only?  Think again.  There are a million recipes online, which can be prepared in one of these divided tins.  Better yet, you can use that special pan to create the perfect DIY wedding favors for the guests who attend your wedding.

The cost of these homemade gifts is very minimal compared to what you would have to spend to buy premade favors.  So, if you have the time and the dedication to make something special for your guests, then pull out your muffin tin and get ready to create.

Bird Seed Suet Giving bird seed or flower seeds has become quite a popular act among brides, as the environmentally-conscious movement continues to gain ground.

Candles You can get really creative with these party favors and work on them a few at a time leading up to the wedding day.  If you are looking for inspiration, consider this online tutorial.

Morning Wedding Muffin Refer to your favorite muffin recipe, and prepare that pan for its intended use.  Spend a day baking a week or two before the big day, and stick these individually wrapped treats in the freezer.  Pull them out and set them on the tables the morning of the wedding.  They will slowly thaw, as everyone participates in the ceremony.  After the “I Dos” have been said, there will be a tasty little snack awaiting the guests.

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