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Five Fun and Functional Bridal Party Gifts

One of the greatest aspects of having a wedding is all of the time that you get to spend with your best girlfriends and closest female family members.  The bridal party is generally made up of the women who mean the most to us, and they are usually willing to offer a great deal of help to ensure that the wedding is as perfect as possible.  Therefore, most brides like to give their bridal party a special gift in thanks.

Bathrobes We love the idea of giving nice, matching bathrobes, which can be worn while hair and makeup are done before the wedding ceremony.  This can also provide a great opportunity for photo shoots.  Very often brides find that they love the pre-wedding photos as much as they do the formal photography.  And, matching bathrobes for you and your party are a great way to set the scene.  Plus, the gift is something that she can continue to enjoy for a longtime after the day is done.

Photo Shoot Session Speaking of photo shoots, many brides like to get some professional pictures of their bridal party before the wedding.  Boudoir photo shoots have also become a very trendy practice for women wanting a girls’ night out.  This might be the perfect idea, if you have a group of girls who would like to pose for the camera, and walk away with nice pictures for their special someones.

Sunglasses Getting married under the summer sun?  Then, perhaps you should consider sunglasses for your bridal party.  A nice matching pair for each of the women in your wedding can provide the necessary eye protection for the bright day ahead.  Plus, they can be worn and enjoyed for as long as she is able to keep them safe and sound.

Skin Care Package With the summer sun on your mind, consider the impacts that it can have on your skin.  If you are getting married in the summer, then a skincare package can be a great, and very practical gift. You might include specialty lotions, creams, lip balms, sunscreen, and aloe vera, for instance.

Personalized Over-The-Shoulder Bag Our final suggestion is an oversized hobo-style bag for each of the women in your party. This will give her something to cart her extra clothes, make-up, and other belongings around in, after the wedding reception is over.  It’ll also give her a reason to think of you every time she loads that bag up with her things.

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