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How to Do DIY Party Favors for Less than $1

It is amazing how fast the smaller expenses related to wedding planning can add up.  The little things, like party favors, can really wind up being budget busters, because you have to have one for every person in attendance.  However, you can cut the costs by doing some of the work yourself (or with the help of your bridal party).  Consider these DIY party favors, which will cost you less than $1 each.

Mason Jars Buying in bulk, which you will have to do to have enough favors for each and every guests, can lead to the unit prices being very manageable.  Etching cream, which can be purchased at any craft store, along with a personalized stencil can allow you to dress up items like mason jars for pennies apiece.  Buy them in bulk and you have favors for less than $1 each.

Candy Buffet with Mini Doggy Bags Candy bars have become a big hit at weddings recently, and for good reason.  This allows for guests to snack during the party, and also to take a small gift home with them.  Place small plastic bags with pretty ribbon on the candy bar, and allow your guests to create their own, inexpensive, wedding favors.

Chocolate Dipped Cookies Whether you love Oreos, Chips Ahoy, or prefer the homemade variety of cookies, you can dress the snack up by dipping and drizzling with chocolate.  You can display these on pretty platters as part of your table centerpiece or place each in a small cellophane bag and tie with a piece of ribbon.

S’more in a Bag Much like the chocolate dipped cookie, you can create DIY desserts for each guests by combining graham cracker squares, small chunks of chocolate and a marshmallow in small gift bags.  Tie and label to make the gift look extra special.

Personalized Lip Balm Remove the label, replace it with your own that you have printed from your computer.  Use a glue stick to adhere it to the tube, and you have a wonderful, inexpensive wedding favor.

Hanging Bird Seed Another gift that can easily be created for less than one dollar is a hanging bird feeder.  There are many recipes online for creating these adorable little favors, and the birds nearby will appreciate the effort.

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