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Head Table Etiquette On Your Wedding Day

Before we get too far into the rules of etiquette regarding the head table on your wedding day, let us first mention the idea of a ‘sweetheart table’.  This was once a much more popular concept than it is today, but, nevertheless, it does have merit.

What is the Sweetheart Table?  Essentially, this tiny table is the first private rendezvous of husband and wife.  It provides them a quiet place to enjoy each other’s company while they dine, without the formality of a head table.

What are the Advantages of a Sweetheart Table?  There are several advantages of setting up this table for two.  The most notable are that it does away with the need of a head table, which means that the bridal party members are free to sit among their spouses and friends.  The second most commonly reported advantage is that it gives the bride and groom time to eat.  Many newlywed couples suggest that by the end of their wedding reception, they are starving, having been unable to eat because of the constant stream of conversation and well wishes.  This intimate table should provide enough time for the two to eat some of the food they chose to have at their wedding, while others are served, or go through the buffet line.

Head Table Etiquette If you are going to have a head table, for your bridal party, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.  The bride and groom should always face their guests.  You can place the table however you like in the space, but do be sure that the bride and groom can be seen by everyone. There are a couple of different ways that you can arrange the bridal party.  Often the best man will sit on the bride’s side, and the maid of honor beside the groom.  Then the men and women in the party are seated so that there is a male-female pattern.  Others choose to do all of the women on one side and all of the men on the other, with all facing the other tables.  The choice is yours when it comes to spouses.  Some choose to allow the spouses of the bridal party members to sit at the head table, opposite their respective partners, whereas others designate a separate table for them.

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