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5 Questions to Ask a Caterer Before Hiring

If there is one aspect of a wedding that is more likely to be remembered than anything else, it is the food.  People may not always recall a so-so meal, but they will often remember great food, and they will never forget a bad eating experience.  Because of this, a caterer is an important part of wedding planning.  Be sure that you are asking the right questions before you hire.

How Will The Day be Handled?  Likely you will have a lot of say in how your food is served – whether it is a buffet or sit down dinner, what dishes are available, and how many courses will be offered – but there are many aspects of the job that are left to the discretion of the caterer.  Be sure that you ask questions about the number of people who will be working the event, who will be in charge of cutting the cake, and how long the caterer will be available on the day of the wedding.

Do You Offer More than Dinner? Some caterers throw a lot of perks into the deal and that can be a great cost safer.  For instance, they may be willing to provide a bartender and may even provide dessert, so you can opt for a smaller cake.

How Many People Can I Bring to Sampling? It is always helpful to have multiple people at that pre-wedding food tasting.  You want to know that the fare is appealing to others, besides yourself and your groom.  However, it is a good idea to ask ahead of time so you don’t face unexpected charges.

Have You Worked This Venue Before? This is a great question, because if the caterer has worked at the venue in the past, he or she will know exactly what is needed from his or her own kitchen in order to make the event run smoothly.  If not, you should ask that he or she make a list of what is needed at the venue in order to complete the job as expected.  That way you can ensure that the venue you have selected meets those needs.

Will You Be There During the Event? You want to know that the person that you are building a relationship will be at the event, in case trouble arises or you have questions on that day.  If not, be sure that you can talk to the person who will run the event ahead of time.

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