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Cut Wedding Costs, but Keep Your Dream Alive

There aren’t very many little girls who haven’t dreamed about what it would be like to wear a big, fancy, white gown and walk down the aisle to marry Prince Charming.  So, when the day comes to plan that big event, it only makes sense that those same girls, all grown up, would want to have the lavish day that they dreamed about.  Unfortunately, bank accounts can limit what can be afforded.

Be Realistic With Food

The childhood dreams were likely focused on the locale, the flowers, the dress, and the man at the end of the aisle.  Food isn’t usually the first thing to come to mind, but it is important to feed your guests.  Given the fact that it wasn’t part of the dream, you can cut back your food costs without losing the fairytale effect.  That being said, be sure that you aren’t serving too little either.  Catering can get very expensive, especially if you are trying to offer a large variety of foods.  So, cut back on the variety, not on the serving size.

Call in Favors

If you have talented friends and family members, get them to assist you in your cost cutting efforts.  It is always good to have connections in life and you shouldn’t be afraid to call in a favor or two from those who have experience in the various areas of wedding planning – floral arrangements, tailoring, event cakes, etc.

Consider the Wedding Packages

Not only will it save you time and energy during the planning process, taking advantage of wedding packages at your chosen venue can help you cut costs.  Very often these facilities have their own photographers, serving staff, limos, and more.  So, take advantage. You will likely find that the combined price is far less than you would pay when buying each item individually.

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