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Choosing a Wedding Cake: Mistakes to Avoid

Bringing Too Many Advisers This is your wedding and your cake. While it is nice to involve others in the planning process, too many taste testers will most likely lead to more stress and an ultimate decision that doesn’t properly represent your opinion.

Waiting until the Last Minute Many brides have made the mistake of overlooking the importance of the cake. They believe that this is one of those aspects of the wedding that can be taken care of at the last minute, but most bakeries schedule out weeks, or even months in advance.

Asking A Friend To Do It Unless you happen to be friends with a professional cake maker, we would not recommend asking someone you know to make the wedding cake. Even those skilled in the kitchen cannot guarantee that they won’t make mistakes, which you will ultimately pay for.

Geting Carried Away With The Design A memorable cake is great, a cake that is so overdone that it becomes gaudy is not.

Create a Top Heavy Cake This is an easily made mistake, with obvious disaster potential.

Go For Design over Flavor The design does matter, but it’s better to take away from the design budget than it is to forego great flavor.

Giving Too Little Insight If you are a nervous person, who has trouble asserting herself to others, bringing a trusted friend to speak on your behalf, and make sure you get the cake that you want.

Overlooking Cost Be sure that you are aware of how much the various cake options cost before you go ahead and order. You could suffer from price tag shock.

Underestimating or Overestimating Servings Ordering your cake in advance is a good thing. Ordering so far in advance that you don’t have a reasonable estimate of the number of guests is not.

Forgetting Refrigeration Needs Sure you can save money by transporting the cake yourself, but will it need refrigeration between pick up time and when it is to be served? How will you handle that?

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