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Planning Your Honeymoon Around the Season

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Most of the time, brides-and-grooms-to-be choose their wedding date based on what would be convenient for themselves, family, and friends.  They will also make such a decision based on the typical weather in their area (or in the area where the wedding will be held) in the given season.  This, ...

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The Double Wedding Controversy

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There was recently a big and very charged triple wedding ceremony held in New York City.  The couples involved were beautifully dressed and had planned for the event as so many brides and grooms do.  While many in attendance, and some of those reading the accounts afterward were emotionally struck ...

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Bad Wedding Photos?

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It is your big day and you don’t get a do-over if things don’t go right.  With just one chance to experience your wedding day, you’ll undoubtedly want to ensure that you get great video and photos so you can always recall the best moments.  Unfortunately, not all brides and ...

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Marrying Like a Royal: Could You Really Do It?

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There are many aspects of the royal way of life that would really appeal to most young men and women.  After all, these individuals are awarded great fame, riches, and recognitions for simply being born to their parents.  However, there are some downsides to living with a royal title.  As ...

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